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Boot Camps

Our most popular training to help dogs with behavioral issues are our boot camps. Please contact us to decide which boot camp is right for your dog.

We have 5 day boot camps which would benefit most dogs' behavioral issues, and 7-14 day boot camps for those cases that are quite complex and quite severe.

Our 5 day boot camps run from Monday thru Friday (with a pick-up/drop-off on the previous Sunday evening,


Wednesday thru Sunday (with pick-up/drop-off on that Wednesday evening).

We have boot camps specifically designed for puppies as well as adult dogs.

Whichever boot camp you register your dog for, your dog will be living with our trainer in his house. The major benefit of your dog being enrolled in either one of these boot camps is that your dog will be living with a stable dog pack so your dog will learn proper social skills.

The price for the boot camps depend on where you live, so if you would like a price quote, please visit our 'Contact Us' page and send us an e-mail. Don't forget to include your home address.